Alcatel the one touch design

That is to say, you get a keyboard, touchscreen, compact size and Android Operating system to boot. Just about everything but the kitchen sink. We are partial to this phone simply because it's so functional and versatile especially for those of us who use our phones for work related stuff. A tour around the phone reveals a super attractive and functional layout.

Alcatel the one touch design

With my review parts 1 hardware2 imaging3 video and multimedia complete, plus a comparison with the Lumia XL, it's time for my final review part for nowsumming up the phone's day to day performance and helping you decide whether to actually buy it. Buy Link Applications, OS version s Windows 10 Mobile is very familiar to all readers here, of course, from the Start screen interface to live tiles to the Settings and Action Center drop-down.

In that sense there are no real surprises here, other than finding all this on a smartphone! But I was expecting that the phone would immediately see the 'Creators Update' Redstone 2, from May this year and then we'd be off and running, fully up to date.

Sadly no - it seems that Microsoft is still in the process of enabling this update for this Alcatel smartphone, possibly hampered by there still being no 'recovery' image for them in the Windows Device Recovery Tool - so if something went wrong with an update then there would be no way back.

My sources indicate that this is happening, but might be a few weeks away. Not that this stopped me running the latest and greatest Windows 10 Mobile with the most bug fixes, since the IDOL 4 Pro is enabled for the Insiders programme.

So everything here is under the Fast ring and - Alcatel the one touch design, take some of the issues I mention with a slight pinch of salt, even though I've checked them against a Lumia XL on the exact same build.

But that's at 'best', for something computationally limiting, such as processing a photo or rendering an email. But for general use, in my tests, the Lumia XL was just as fast. In fact, sometimes faster, especially when loading the same web page or launching a game.

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Showing that once you factor in optimisation of the internals for Windows 10 Mobile - of RAM, GPU and flash storage - the Microsoft first party phone has had more love and attention shown to it.

Not quite a speed issue, but worth noting, is that the interface on the IDOL 4 Pro, as on the Lumias, runs at what looks like 30fps - this is fast enough for general use, though does mean that you can't read content as you're scrolling quickly up and down or left and right, whereas many competing smartphones now use 60fps for their interface the chipsets are easily fast enoughat which refresh speed content is silky smooth when scrolling around.

It's a subtle limitation, but one you'll appreciate if you see it. Yet again, maybe this might come in a firmware update, if Alcatel has the will and purpose to sort it out?

Which I can't quite believe on a Snapdragon powered phone. It's possible that this too is merely disabled in firmware until Alcatel gets round to fixing it. In fairness, there's not much that you can do with NFC under Windows 10 Mobile, but I'd still like the technology to be enabled, pretty please.

This might be down to the use of Fast ring on a non-Lumia, but when you opt to 'share' something on the IDOL 4 Pro, you're faced with a pop-up, interstitial mini-menu that offers to copy or share the 'file' or 'link' - fair enough, you might think.

Except that there's also a 'Suggested apps to install' section, with Facebook, Twitter and Messenger, and it's all too easy to hit one of these by accident, sending the UI off into the Store if you haven't got the offending application installed.

I couldn't find one! Sharing as I've not seen it before on my Lumias - anyone else seen this interstitial screen? Maybe it's coming to all in due course? Windows 10 Camera can only see the full sensor here, i. Storage is cheaper to put in at the factory than ever before!

A beautiful new image each day, etc. Day to day issues This is where things start to get a little strange, since I've been seeing occasional unexplained 10 second pauses in the interface. Perhaps only once a day or so, but every now and then everything I can only think that it's firmware related and something to do with RAM management.

Not that other smartphones are all perfect in this regard, but just occasionally it caught me out on the Alcatel IDOL 4 Pro.

Compare Alcatel One Touch POP C9 vs BlackBerry Porsche Design P Size, Specs, Camera

I have about 30GB of music loaded up on microSD typically and, after the usual indexing delays the first time round, Groove seemed pretty smooth. The delay is split between bringing the track up on screen and then audio actually starting.

I've tried the exact same music loadout on the same card on the Lumia XL and playback was only delayed after boot-up by a matter of five seconds at most. So, again, there's clearly a lack of optimisation for the Snapdragon chipset or perhaps - again - RAM issues?

Verdict As hinted in my direct comparison between the IDOL 4 Pro and the Lumia XLit's hard to make a case for the newer phone unless it's just that - new, shiny, arguably better supported in - that's attractive to you.

Or unless you're fed up with the weedy rear mono speaker on the Lumia and really need the loud stereo affairs here. Or the fingerprint sensor rather than the Lumia's iris recognition. You could look at design and materials, of course, since those are subjective.

But, like the competition, you can only really use it when sheathed in plastic, foiling the point of all that glass. In contrast, the replaceable backs of the Lumia XL start to look rather attractive. Factor in a Mozo wooden or leather back, a replaceable battery if you can find one and easier rescue if dropped in water, and again the IDOL 4 Pro might be argued to come off second best.

Imaging and even general day to day use are also superior on the Lumia thanks to better firmware and optimisations. But I refuse to be 'down' on this new Windows 10 Mobile smartphone.Custom molded slim fit back cover design case for the Alcatel One Touch Pop 2 (") 1 Piece back cover reduces excessive bulk or weight compared to traditional 2-Piece hard cases Unqiue Purple love design gives your phone an awesome personalized look.

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Alcatel the one touch design

The Alcatel One Touch Pop 2 is a respectable budget offering, packing 4G, a reasonably smooth user experience and solid battery life into a plain yet strangely attractive handset.

Alcatel has been busy this CES, unveiling the super thin One Touch Idol Ultra, the lightweight One Touch Idol, the big-screen One Touch Scribe HD and the One Touch Authority for the Cricket network. Jan 22,  · The Alcatel One Touch Fierce 2 is a T-Mobile phone that does many things inexpensively, but not particularly well.

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