Animal rights activists overdoing their advocacy

How Much is Enough?

Animal rights activists overdoing their advocacy

Cass SunsteinAmerican law professor Advocates of animal rights as well as activists for animal liberation hold the view that to deny the most basic needs of sentient creatures—such as the avoidance of pain—to non-human animals, on the basis of species membership alone, is a form of discrimination akin to racism or sexism.

Animal rights activists overdoing their advocacy

Many animal rights advocates argue that non-human animals should be regarded as persons and members of the moral community whose interests deserve legal protection. In the s, the Australian and American philosophers, Peter Singer and Tom Reganbegan to provide the movement with its philosophical foundations.

Singer argued for animal liberation on the basis of utilitarianismfirst in in The New York Review of Books and later in his Animal Liberationwhile Regan developed a deontological theory of animal rights in several papers from onwards, followed by The Case for Animal Rights The largest number and highest percentage of Vegetarians per population for any country is in India.

Buddhism among the global religions is an animal rights religion par excellence. It has long subscribed to the belief that all life forms including that of non-human animals are sacred and deserving of respect, and extolls kindness and compassion as utmost virtues worthy of cultivation.

Buddhism unreservedly embraces all living beings in its ethical cosmology without discrimination on grounds of species, race, or creed.

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The Buddha was so adamant and protective of the more vulnerable members of the moral community—namely the animals—that he declared that:List.

The following is a list of notable animal rights advocates from all positions within the movement, from academics to activists, listed according to their country of birth.

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The Animal Protection Institute (API) is a national animal advocacy nonprofit organization, contributions to which are tax-deductible.

Founded in , API's mission is to advocate for the protection of animals from cruelty and exploitation. In a new study from the United Kingdom, researchers found that more than half of vegan men were deficient in vitamin B12 based on their serum levels.

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