Demographics of the aging population

Kinsella explained how the shift of the entire survivorship curve in Figure has led to an interesting debate in gerontology with regard to what the future shape of the curve will look like. There is no sign that the trend is going to stop, but how far will it go?

Demographics of the aging population

Declining fertility, and improved health and longevity, have swelled the older populations dramatically—and at an unprecedented rate. Byfor the first time in history, people aged 65 and over will outnumber children under age 5.

By55 countries are expected to see their 65 and older populations at least 20 percent of their total. Bythe global population is projected to number 1.

Bythe U.

Demographics of the aging population

United Nations, Back inpeople aged 65 and older represented Bythere will be about They have increased by Bythe 60 and older population will increase from million to 2 billion—increasing from 11 to 22 percent of the world's population.

From tothe world population will have increased by a factor of 3. ByEurope will continue to be the world's oldest region with its elder population increasing more than five fold—from 40 million to million.

Only 5 percent of Africa's population is projected to be 65 and older bywith sub-Sararan Africa remaining the world's youngest region. China and India have the largest older populations.

Demographics of the aging population

Japan, with today's largest share of the world's old-age population, will see its percentage of those 60 and over rise from 27 percent to 44 percent in Bymore than 70 countries, representing about one third of the world's population, will surpass Japan's present old-age share of 27 percent.

In the coming decades, all regions of the globe will experience population aging. And their number is expected to more than double to 89 million by The United States contains more people age 65 and older than the total population of Canada.

Americans aged 65 and older outnumber the combined populations of New York, London, and Moscow. InBaby Boomers will begin reaching age 65, swelling the 65 and over population in the United States from America's elderly population is expected to reach 72 million bymore than double the number in They will enjoy longer lives, better health and more active life styles than previous generations.

Still, the overwhelming majority will also face a growing and continuous challenge—maintaining their precious independence. Today, according to the AARP, upon retirement, 9 out of 10 seniors already stay where they are, prefering to grow old in their own homes.The Age of Aging: How Demographics are Changing the Global Economy and Our World [George Magnus] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

The year marks the beginning of the baby boomer retirementavalanche just as the different demographics in advanced and mostdeveloping countries are becoming more pronounced.

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People areworrying again that developments in global population . India is the second most populated country in the world with nearly a fifth of the world's lausannecongress2018.coming to the revision of the World Population Prospects, the population stood at 1,,, During – the population doubled to billion.

The Indian population reached the billion mark in What Aging Population? 5 Areas Getting Younger.


While the nation is aging, a few select areas are not only bucking the trend but may actually be getting younger. Demographics of Aging The U.S. Census Bureau brief on data from the Census shows seniors increasing faster than younger populations Desiging for an aging population means designing for a gender imbalance of older females.

Population ageing arises from two (possibly related) demographic effects: increasing longevity and declining fertility.

Demographics of Aging

An increase in longevity raises the average age of the population by increasing the numbers of surviving older people. Jan 20,  · ngu elvis. Yes, is quite correct, those who have the greener future of an economy are the youth.

so if a society is growing in its ageing population, then it is a bad sign for that society.

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