Terms and terminologies in prestressed concrete

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Terms and terminologies in prestressed concrete

What is Wobble Coefficient in post tensioning system?

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While post tensioning we use strand wire that is being joined by twisting around one and other to make a tendon, this tendon is to be inserted within a profile pipe called sheathing or duct after the concrete will achieve a specified compressive strength.

Sometimes the jacking force is applied from one end or both ends. The duct or profile pipe is to be inserted as per the designed curvature and location. Due to these reasons the curvature is bit shifted from the designed curvature and thus causes some loss in tensioning force.

Wobble coefficient is usually denoted by K and is measured in units of per length. It is found by multiplying the jacking force at any distance from jacking end with the average of the intended angular deviation from the design profile.

Usually having value of 0.

Manufacturing Terms

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BEAM AND SLAB FLOOR CONSTRUCTION—A reinforced concrete floor system in which a solid slab is supported by beams or girders of reinforced concrete. BEAM BOLSTER—Continuous bar support used to support the reinforcing bars in the bottom of beams.

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Terms and terminologies in prestressed concrete

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