Water desalination

Unlike other water filters, there are no harsh chemicals used and there is no pumping required.

Water desalination

December 16, Byan estimated 1. Even in drought-stricken California, San Diego stands out. It gets less rain than parched Los Angeles or Fresno.

The region has less groundwater than many other parts of the state.

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And more than 80 percent of water for homes and businesses is imported from sources that are increasingly stressed. San Diego County, hot, dry, and increasingly populous, offers a preview of where much Water desalination the world is headed. So too does a recent decision by the county government: The massive project, in Carlsbad, teems with nearly workers in yellow hard hats.

The county is betting on a combination of modern engineering and decades-old desalination Water desalination. A pipe trench under construction leads to a nearby lagoon inlet; 18 house-size concrete tanks await loads of sand and charcoal to treat the salt water before it is ready for desalination; pressurizers lead to a stainless-steel pipe one meter in diameter.

This final piece of gleaming hardware will convey water under high pressure into 2, fiberglass tubes, where it will be squeezed through semipermeable polymer membranes.

What gets through will be fresh water, leaving brine behind.

Water desalination

As water is forced through the membrane, the polymer allows the water molecules to pass while blocking the salts and other inorganic impurities.

Global desalination output has tripled since Carlsbad, for example, has been outfitted with state-of-the art commercial membranes and advanced pressure-recovery systems. But the plants remain costly to build and operate.

Water desalination

Seawater desalination, in fact, is one of the most expensive sources of fresh water. One reason is the huge amount of energy required to push water through the membranes.

And Carlsbad, like most desalination plants, is being built with extra pumps, treatment capacity, and membrane tubes, the better to guarantee uptime. Some countries, like Israel, already rely heavily on desalination; more will follow suit.

In short, desalination is ripe for technological improvement. A combination of sensor-driven optimization and automation, plus new types of membranes, could eventually allow for desalination plants that are half the size and use commensurately less energy.

Among other benefits, small, mobile desalination units could be used in agricultural regions hundreds of miles away from the ocean, where demand for water is great and growing.

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Last year,was the third straight drought year—at a time when demand for water has reached an all-time high. I joined Cohen for a recent outing: The water infrastructure made Southern California what it is today.

The results are plain to see: Still under construction, the desalination plant in Carlsbad, California, will be the largest such facility in the United States.

Awaiting installation at the facility are stainless-steel turbine pumps, wrapped in protective Mylar, that will be used to pump the clean water. The time it takes to plan for big projects Carlsbad took 14 years makes it hard for investors to expect much payoff from new technologies, and U.

The flip side of this, Cohen says, is that desalination is now in a position to be transformed by the same kinds of sensing, automation, and algorithm-controlled processes that are remaking other industries.

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I would soon see what he was talking about. As the late-October sun set, long shadows cast the crusty ground in high relief. We exited I-5, drove nine miles, and turned right on a hard-packed dirt lane between pistachio trees. It was dusk, and the beams from headlights disappeared into the flat desert nothingness.

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Yet when I opened the window, I caught a whiff of something that smelled vaguely like the salty air at the coast.Global demand for clean water continues to accelerate, and municipalities and industries are looking for reliable, energy-efficient desalination solutions.

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California water officials have approved $ million in grants to eight desalination projects across the state, including one in the East Bay city of Antioch, as part of an effort to boost the.

The Solar Desalination funding program will explore novel technologies that use solar-thermal energy to assist in creating freshwater from otherwise unusable waters like seawater, brackish water, and contaminated water. Document ID: TEV Revision ID: 0 Effective Date: 08/17/ Technical Evaluation Study Project No.

Integration of HTGRs and Seawater Desalination. Integration of Power Generation and Water Desalination Operations Neil Callahan1 Introduction In the last five years, the interest in the United States for consideration of the development of.

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