Write a script to remove certs

Typically, we have done the following to access these certificates:

Write a script to remove certs

If you want to delete existing certificates on a smart card, follow these steps: Start PowerShell or cmd, since we do not actually use PS-commands Insert the smart card in a reader Run the command certutil -scinfo Enter PIN if prompted Verify that the certificate that is shown is the one you want to delete: There may be more than one certificate on the smart card.

All will be shown in the list. Look for the values Provider and Key Container in the output from certutil: The example shows the values for Certificate 0.

If the certificate was issued from a Certificate Template, the template name can be a part of the Key Container name, such as this: Earlier versions of Windows could only use the default container for smart card login, but now you can select any certificate on the card at logon.

If you have more than one certificate, look for the same values, but for Certificate 1, Certificate 2 and so on further down in the output. Note that if you delete Certificate 0, and then runs this command again, Certificate 1 will then have become Certificate 0.

Run the following command to delete the certificate. You must run these from an elevated shell: If the smart card is empty, this is the expected output, with no prompt for PIN-code:Fortunately it’s easy to create an array of resource names and use the -notin operator in the script.

Before we start, a few quick tips: Use the Windows PowerShell ISE. To delete all files with the lausannecongress2018.com in the current directory: This script command can be used to skip reinstalling the package but still report back as successfully installed to the deployment server.

Write a string into the specified section of an initialization file.

write a script to remove certs

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write a script to remove certs

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